Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bonnie and the Dogs

That sweet-looking dog on the left is Roscoe, the one who ate Poe's nose off. The kid in the middle is Bon, who adores Roscoe even though he will eat any possession she has ever had. The dog on the right (your right, not Bon's) is our very best behaved dog, Brussels. (Because I am developing a hearing problem or because simply EVERYONE mumbles now, I think his name is Brussels. Bonnie says his name is Ruffles.) He doesn't eat or beg for food, he doesn't bite his behind, he doesn't howl or bark unreasonably, he doesn't poke his icy nose on your leg unexpectedly, he doesn't eat unknown objects and cough them up, he doesn't shed...If Roscoe ever gets him, only shreds of Brussels will be left lying about.

(Melvin, Annabelle, and Spike, not pictured)

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