Monday, January 5, 2009

Favorite Movie Animal: Bugsy!

This guinea pig is now my favorite movie animal for January. Since I was awake through the whole movie, Bedtime Stories, it must have been pretty entertaining! A no-napper is rare for me. It was funny and unexpected things kept happening, although a viewer is bound to know that all will be well in the end. The gumball part was cool, also. If you don't mind Adam Sandler and you have a tolerance for children's movies, you'll enjoy yourself. Now where can I find one of those guinea pigs with the big eyes?

(I can't make myself go see Marley and Me. I heard on The View that the dog dies, and then I read the book. Of course he dies! It's a dog story! It's terribly sad, although the couple gets another dog who looks like Marley in the end. Still, I love dogs, and if I had seen it, Marley might have been my favorite movie animal for January. I also saw Bolt in December, and I enjoyed the hamster in the ball a great deal. I did, however, take a nap at the beginning of Bolt, and it WAS animated, after all. A one-napper, last month, and animated--no contest between Bolt and Bedtime Stories.)

Obviously, my twelve-year-old daughter Bonnie usually affects my movie choices a great deal. I rarely get to see one that she can't go see as well. (I narrowly escaped going to see High School Musical 3!)

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