Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sheila T's Scrapbook 2009: Guide to the Mosaic

Guide to the Mosaic (the header):
Top row: (1)My father, my brother, my mother, and me when I was about seven (2)My friend Tabor (3)Our dog (4)My mother (5)My daughter Diana

Second row: (1)My stepson Wesley (2)My sister-in-law Joy (3)My daughter Diana (4)My friends Tabor and Mary (5)Granddaughter Danyelle

Third row: (1)My friend Terry, me, Tabor (2)Our dog (3)My daughter Bonnie (4)My daughter Diana and my father (5)Bonnie and her friend Sara

Fourth row: (1)Diana, Bonnie, and their cousin Tabby (2)Me (3)Bonnie with some dogs (4)Diana when she was little with my father, her PawPaw (5)Diana after she had her wisdom teeth pulled (She was saying,"I'm gonna kill you!")

Fifth row: (1)Bonnie and her cousin Carly a few years ago (2)Bonnie’s drawing (3)Our dogs Roscoe and Spike (4)My husband in a little booth at the zoo that said “The Mayor of Bootown” (5)My brother on his 48th birthday opening his Shamwows!

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