Friday, March 6, 2009

Pink Saturday: My Friends!

This picture was taken when my friends and I went to a tearoom near Dahlonega, Georgia. There are seven of us called the Marigolds; we go somewhere together each month. Their names are Tabor and Mary; I liked their big smiles, the hats, and the pinks in this photo.

Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound who hosts Pink Saturday! You can find lots of other pink posts listed there.


  1. (Sorry, I tried to get my post done by setting the time Friday night because I was out of town Saturday. I must have messed up somehow because it didn't post Saturday morning! Oh, well, I'll try again next week! Sheila T)

  2. That's fine, I enjoyed looking at it this is so nice to have friends that get together every month. And it loks like y'all have a ball. I have a couple that I meet for lunch every now and then and I look forward to those days.